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"According to the Japanese text on the box "Super Pii Pii Brothers promotes good bathroom skills and allows women to experience for the first time the pleasure of urinating while standing." What we say is that virtual peeing is damn fun!"  --

Super Pii Pii Brothers

I have no words. Lmao what the hell... I've seen it all now. You can go wee wee on your...wii....ha.
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I got back from this movie at 10...and all I gotta say is what a WASTE of money. Call me tasteless, but that movie was so over-the-top ridiculous that I wanted to vomit by the end of it. Two and a half hours of stupidity and car-wank. Dumb. Trying to take a concept that is kind of silly in the first place and treat it 'seriously'...give me a break. Good effects, sure, but overall? This movie stank, and my ass was numb from sitting around through a string of unintelligible action scenes (too much detail on the robots that made their features pretty indistinguishable and difficult to look at). I couldn't walk by the end! And it kept me bored enough to notice my buns tingling through the last hour and a half.... Ugh..... Never again.
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That movie was amazing. Simply goodness. I cried at the end--but wow what a story, what a great message too... If you haven't seen it, DO so! It really gets you emotional and thinking about ...a lot of things. The course of your life. Time...
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I've gotta get around to skinning this damn blog. Nevertheless, I am always caught short of time between school and a "big" art project I'm organizing. That aside, I'm trying hard to cope with health problems I don't have the money to afford being seen about (asthma), and the never-ending weight of impending depression every time I remember that this place .... sucks. Dothan is awful, I have no friends here and there is literally nothing to do. So I stay home. All the time. It's getting a little old, and I don't have the money to take a trip for a little vacation from this rural BS. And even if I did, I certainly don't have the time.

As glad as I'll be to have another four classes out of the way after this semester is over, I can say I am impatient for it to be done with. Four classes in a condensed period of time is way too much for one person to handle and keep their sanity, too. I've read more in the few weeks I've been in class than I have in a whole year I think. Pages upon pages upon pages.... It feels like my head is crammed full, and it's honestly getting harder and harder to sit and absorb it all when I need to.  Alas, I have 5 more weeks of this. And then its fall semester...

The VA works so that I HAVE to have a full load of credits every semester or they won't pay, which I think is total BS, especially in summer. I can say this, since I can take a semester off when I need it, I WON'T be taking summers anymore. I don't have time for a part time job even, if I could actually find one in this godforsaken area.

I think, though possible spring (since fall is too soon to arrange I think), I'll be hopping to a new school for a change of scenery and begin work on my graduate courses. Can't wait to be somewhere more POPULATED, ugh....


Jun. 22nd, 2009 09:17 pm
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I got ahold of some more community names to dress up later when I'm not quite so busy:

[community profile] aion 
[community profile] fanfic 
[community profile] jrock 
[community profile] layout 
[community profile] mmorpg 
[community profile] oekaki 

Tadaaa. More to come later + big dump on how my first Aion beta went.


Jun. 18th, 2009 10:45 pm
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Thanks XueLien for the invite! Been wanting one of these things since LJ seems a little dead lately, and I'm having trouble finding the motivation to actually POST on my blogger. Nonetheless, here I am. I've gone ahead and created a few communities for future use:

[community profile] artists for just general communication and whatnot between artists of all sorts
[community profile] models for info and discussions all about models and the fashion world (....for me? to gush and oogle over Tyler Riggs no doubt)
[community profile] scribble hopefully to use for sort of the "daily"/frequent sketch stuff, open membership.


Though how do I make my own invite codes?

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